Miranda Trojanowska

An abstract expressionistic style using oils, acrylics and mixed media, aimed at understanding and expressing the world, conveying scientific, artistic and emotional experiences.

There are no straight lines in nature, and as Antoni Gaudí said “the straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.’ Yet some of my work, with influences from Marc, Picasso, Braque and Boccioni, expresses emotions, internal dialogue and affective states through fluidity, form, colour, movement and texture, even straight lines.

The pieces are colourful, vibrant, full of energy, drawing the observer in, allowing the observer to question the message that the painting is seeking to ask, and ultimately allowing the observer to interpret and communicate their own emotions in response to my paintings.

A concept morphs into shapes, forms and colours, revisited over a period of days, and it is only then that the images develop into a unique and thought provoking tangible interpretation, in essence a snapshot of my journey into the creation of each piece of work.

Open days

  • Saturday 29 April
  • Sunday 30th April
  • Saturday 6th May
  • Sunday 7th May

Studio location

The Bramall Centre
Manor Oak Studios
The Bramall Centre
389 Manor Lane
Sheffield S2 1UL

About this studio

Paintings will be displayed and I shall be working on a number of canvases during the exhibition.

  • This studio has disabled access
  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!

Contact me as follows:

w: www.mirandatrojanowska.com
e: mirandatrojanowska@hotmail.com

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