Trudy Weir

Slab built stoneware vessels and sculptures with unique unglazed surfaces made by laminating and stretching different clay bodies and slips together.

Surface plays an important part in my work. I create my surfaces by forcing different clay bodies to work together in a thick slab which is then dried and stretched to make the surface crack, resulting in a unique surface pattern. It is from this thinner patterned slab that I construct my piece.

Whenever possible I do not apply glaze as I don’t want to obscure the surface pattern I have worked hard to achieve.
I like playing with texture. Some of my work represents my exploration into clay quilting. These forms can give the impression of being soft to the touch, which of course they aren’t. Its fun to see people touching them to make sure.
I make other work using a technique, again with different clay bodies, similar to the production of seaside rock where the pattern goes all the way through.

Open days

  • Saturday 29th April
  • Sunday 30th April
  • Monday 1st May (Bank Holiday)
  • Saturday 6th May
  • Sunday 7th May

Studio location

9 Bannercross Road



S11 9HQ

About this studio

I am exhibiting my work at the home of artists Phil and Ruth Lockwood.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my art
  • Artists’ workshops and tuition are available

Contact me as follows:

t: 0114 3481 425
m: 07449 370 207

This artist is social!

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