Brian Holland

I respond to clay’s ability to reflect and express my physical, tactile and spacial experiences, life’s gutsy feeling of figures, space, sea land rocks and mountains.

As I work I respond to the clay’s ability to reflect and express my physical,tactile and spatial experiences Experiences of figures in space, of sea and land, rocks and mountains and the whole gutsy feeling of life. I spread clay out on plaster sheets, or grab lumps of the stuff press holes in it, pinch it, squeeze it, coli it, and in whatever ways manipulate it and stop when the piece resonates with such an experience.

Although I have long had a city based studio I have now moved back into the city and the cityscape and the hustle and bustle of people is having an influence on the imagery of my work.

Much of my work is wood fired, some is fired in an electric kiln and some in a gas kiln but all is stoneware.

Open days

  • Saturday 5th May
  • Sunday 6th May
  • Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday)

Studio location

Studio 3
Yorkshire Art Space
Persistence Works
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS

About this studio

Well equipped, large ceramics studio. Building ceramic sculpture and/or ceramic vessels.

  • Studio has disabled access
  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my art
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
  • I can provide workshops & tuition

Contact me as follows:

m: 07812 928 174