Application for Artists to participate in Open Up 2018

Please read the instructions in full before completing this form!
  • The CLOSING DATE for applications is 31st January 2018
  • If you apply before 31st October 2017, the fee is £85.00
  • For applications from November 1st, the fee is £95.00
  • Applications are accepted at the the discretion of the Open Up committee
  • If your application is declined, your participation fee will be refunded
  • It is advisable to gather together all of the information you’ll need, including your artwork images at the correct sizes, before completing this form
  • This form is for individual artists only, either in your own studio or as a guest in another. If you do not wish to participate in “Open Up”, but wish to advertise your work and/or further exhibitions, please follow this link
  • You will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions by ticking the box at the end of the form below. You can see these here (opens new window)
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1: Contact details & studio location

The full postal address of the studio venue you plan to use, including area and postcode

2: About you and your work

In up to 25 words please give a brief overview of your artistic work, e.g. type/genre of work, materials and techniques you use, influences, inspirations, etc.

In up to 150 words, please give a more detailed description of you, your visual arts work and your creative journey, e.g. type/genre of work, materials and techniques you use, influences, inspirations, background, etc.

3: Studio open dates and information

Please tick the boxes below to indicate the dates on which you plan to open - a compulsory minimum of 2 days. Your studio should be open, and you must be present, from 11am until 5pm on your chosen days.

Please tick below to indicate 'yes' as applicable:

In up to 20 words, please give a description of your studio and outline what people will see you doing.

4: Examples of your work

Artwork image upload instructions - please read carefully:

  • You can provide a total of four images which will all be displayed in your profile on our website.  One of these will be used in the brochure. Images must be in jpg, png or tiff format only - file names must end with *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tif or *.tiff as appropriate.
  • Please name your files using your own name - e.g. janebloggs01.jpg, janebloggs02.jpg.
  • Please identify your brochure image, e.g. as follows: janebloggs01brochure.jpg
  • Submit a minimum of 1 image, up to a maximum of 4 images, each no larger than 4 MB. Please note: If you exceed the combined limit of 16Mb, your submission will fail and you'll need to start again!
  • Images must be between 1024px and 2048px on the longest side.

Use the buttons below to upload up to 4 images - one per button.

5: Payment information

If you apply before 31st October 2016, the fee is £85.00

For applications from November 1st, the fee is £95.00

Payment should be made as follows:


• All payment is by direct bank transfer (BACS)

Please include your name as a reference with your BACS payment.

Important: Please email us at to confirm that you have paid.

Our bank details are:

Bank: Cooperative Bank
Account name: Open Up Sheffield
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65149443

6: Terms and conditions

Our Terms & Conditions can be see here (opens new window).

Please tick below to confirm you have read, understood and accept our terms & conditions: