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Alex McArthur

Alex is inspired by the natural world and her paintings and prints are where memories and imagination merge. Strong contrasts are present in her work in oils, acrylic and mixed media.

Sheffield is the adopted home of contemporary painter and printmaker Alex McArthur and where she has established her art practice in drawing, painting and printmaking. Skies, trees and water have inspired her for as long as she can remember. Key influences in her childhood ensured that the twists and turns of life have kept her on a creative path. The wide open spaces of Donegal and the drama of the Irish North Coast were her playground and where she made her first drawings trying to copy the example of an uncle who was a water colourist.

After a creative 10 years in Art and Design education and publishing, she still hankered to focus on her own creativity rather than that of others. So since completing a Masters in Fine Art Alex now maintains a practice in painting and printmaking. Strong contrasts are present in her work; stillness and movement, space and restriction, form and abstraction. Alex has exhibited her work at home and abroad and early in 2020 had her first solo show.

Studio visits

My studio will be open to visitors on the following days:

  • Saturday April 30th
  • Sunday May 1st

About my studio

Originals, prints & cards will be on display at All Good Stuff, Butcher Works. Visitors will be able to buy work, discuss commissions and learn something of the printmaking processes I use.

  • This studio has disabled access
  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
  • I can provide workshops and/or private tuition

Contact me

Studio location

All Good Stuff
72 Arundel Street

S1 2NS

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