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Alfreda Reynolds

Monochrome photographs with an emphasis on compositional form and graphic elements. Cards and archival quality, fine art prints.

Interpreting a subject in shades of grey offers me considerable choice over the feel and tone of a finished image. Stripping out the impact of colour allows compositional factors such as line, tone and contrast, texture and light to come to the fore. My images are mostly found in natural or built environments but I regard location as merely opportunity, looking to discover something that isn’t necessarily apparent first off. I am intrigued by the unpredictability afforded by long exposure and infrared images. They introduce another step away from reality and towards an appreciation of the aesthetic aspects of softness and blur. Some images come quite easily out of the original, others need time and patience, a few are time consuming and difficult! I work from digital and scanned film originals. My processing is digital and finished exhibition pieces are printed onto fine art paper using archival inks.

Studio visits

Because of the continuing Covid situation my studio will not be open for visits again this year. Please use the contact details below if you would like to discuss my work or make a purchase.

Contact me

t: 01142 819 322
m: 0783 3657 227

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