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Anne Atkinson

My art is an intuitive, personal response to nature and the landscape
My paintings are created on board or paper using mixed media

My work is inspired by nature and the natural world and often by places that I have visited such as the Hebrides, Orkney, Cornwall, the Lake District and the Peak District. I try to communicate the wild nature of these places as well as the sense of history and the evidence of human presence in the landscape. The natural forms and textures of the rocks, pebbles and man-made stone structures inform colour, texture and line in my work. I work on several pieces at a time, moving from one to the other. I start with intuitive mark making and build up many layers of paint and scrape through, sand back and rework to reveal the history of the painting. Some of my paintings are purely an exploration of colour, texture and line, but always with the landscape and nature in mind.

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