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Becca Hopkinson – Beba Bespoke

I am a designer and maker of handcrafted beautiful wooden boxes, decorative wooden homewares, quality gift items and wooden jewellery.

I have always been drawn to making and fixing things growing up, with an eye for details,a fascination for function and a love of the making process. I moved to Sheffield to study fine art and on to study the craftsmanship of furniture making. I set up as Beba Bespoke in 2008 making furniture and boxes. In 2010 I became a Mum which brought a scaling down to my work in both size and time available. I focused on specialising in box making and wooden gifts. Becoming a Mum also brought in a more colourful playful side to some of my work and a reawakening of my imagination to dream up new ideas.

I try only to use wood which has been ethically source or recycled from unwanted furniture. I also source other makers cast offs and waste off cuts to re purpose and turn into something beautiful.

Studio visits

My studio will not be open to visitors, but you can contact me with enquiries about my work.

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