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Fenella Noble

I make animals from chicken wire which mellows to pale grey in the garden.

Having been trained in ceramics I always preferred modelling to throwing and was delighted to discover the possibilities in chick,en wire. It’s self supporting, weatherproof and malleable and allows me to work on a much larger scale than I could with clay, while allowing me to work intuitively and expressively. I do need industrial strength gloves and a few fencer’s tools but other than that it’s a case of careful observation, lots of drawing and strong hands to create each piece. I started several years ago by making a large cow, followed by piglets to keep her company and then sheep, chickens, foxes, geese, a Muntjac deer, a stag, foxhound puppies and some ducks. This year I’m planning a murder of crows for Open Studio.

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My studio will not be open to visitors, but you can contact me with enquiries about my work.

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