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Jenny Mather

I’ve now entered my third phase of being an artist – after years of teaching Art, then practicing as an Art Therapist – I now concentrate on soul stuff.

I share and show paintings, wherever possible, with Peak District Artisans in Exhibition Spaces, Churches, Retreat Centres, our local Pub/Cafe – places where people can take time to reflect and respond.

I move through phases of using different materials, at present Gouache on Canvas is my choice; it’s a medium which allows fluidity, transparency or opacity, erasure and coalescence.

Work shown during Open Studios will also include watercolours, acrylics, oils, drawing media and textiles. The theme will be “All Creation waits….”

At present my home studio space is very limited; therefore I’m showing work and being present in our community owned, Pub/Cafe. I’m also putting some of my large meditational pieces in our Parish Church which is open every day.

Studio visits

Please contact me to arrange your Covid safe studio visit during May.

About my studio

Exhibiting and sketching in the Anglers Rest Pub/Cafe and St John’s Church Bamford – you are invited to join in.

  • This studio has disabled access
  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work

Contact me

t: 01433 651 795
m: 07443 429 177

Studio location

Anglers Rest Pub/Cafe
Taggs Knoll
Hope Valley
S33 0DY

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