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Jo Snee

I work in watercolour in a realist style. My paintings are inspired by Sheffield’s industrial landscape.

I studied Fine Art at Hornsey College (Middlesex Poly, London) in the early 80’s,but in my early 20’s became disillusioned with ‘Art’ . I gave up painting and turned to crafts and teaching.

I recently returned to painting after a 35 year painters block. Because I suffer from ME/CFS, I do all my painting in bed, often in the middle of the night. My paintings are watercolours of Sheffield’s ever changing industrial landscape. The work is inspired by the forms of industrial buildings that range from Victorian grandeur to mid 20th century utilitarianism. From the remnants of colossal steelworks to small workshops, derelict to ‘done up’, they tell a story. Although I am a realist painter, many of my compositions are influenced by my passion for the Constructivist, Vorticist, and Cubist movements. Rembrandt, Constable, Cezanne and Hopper are high amongst the painters I go to for inspiration.

Studio visits

Please contact me to arrange your Covid safe studio visit during May.

About my studio

I will be presenting my work at my framing workshop. I will be working on current paintings or giving demonstrations.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
  • Workshops and tuition are available

Contact me

t: 01142 437 483
m: 07724 135 178

Studio location

58 Broad Lane
S1 4BT

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