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Lynne Chapman

I create abstract paintings, in acrylics, on canvas and paper, as well as fine art textiles: sometimes 2D, sometimes sculptural. I love colour and texture.

I’ve been a full-time, professional artist for 35 years, for much of that time as an illustrator (and have 30 published picture books) but, for 6 years now, I’ve concentrated on my personal, fine art practice. I am passionate about drawing and mark-making and this underpins my textiles work as well as my paintings.

When I discovered that I suffer from aphantasia – an inability to visualise memories – I realised all my work is rooted entirely in the continuous present. With my visual life dissolving behind me, I’ve become fascinated by the relationship between my unseen subconscious and my artwork. I create instinctively, without reference. I paint quickly, impulsively. It’s only when I am hand-stitching or building textiles, that I allow the meditative nature of the process to slow me down. All my work is organic and unplanned, moving forwards with a combination of impulse, judgement and imposed randomness.

Studio visits

Please contact me to arrange your Covid safe studio visit during May.

About my studio

I have a large attic studio, where you can see work in progress, with finished artwork hung on three floors.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!

Contact me

Studio location

3 Ryle Road
Nether Edge
Sheffield S7 1HT

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