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Roger Nowell

Self-taught landscape painter working in oil on board. Inspired by impressionist painters from past to the present day.

My drive to paint is about wanting to capture and share moments experienced in the outdoors. Whatever season, time of day or weather it is, my relationship with the land is always positive, hence my desire to represent in my paintings the colours that are evident to me. Working with moulding the landscape to creatively handle the rainfall that hits our city and hinterland is my day job. I am a late starting self-taught artist – building a studio space at the bottom of the garden has allowed me to squeeze in time to learn my craft.

I am continually exploring the idea of minimising my oil painting strokes and building interest in how the paint is applied and worked. I am inspired by the methods of painters from the original Canadian impressionists such as Tom Thomson to impressionists of today – Erin Hanson, Richard Long and Hester Berry. I enjoy the opportunity to produce works that allow the onlooker to gain pleasure from entering into the scene and completing it in their minds.

Studio visits

My studio will be open to visitors on the following days:

  • Saturday April 30th
  • Sunday May 1st
  • Monday May 2nd

About my studio

Pictures will be displayed in the garden leading down to the studio space. Teas and cakes available.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work

Contact me

m: 07742 933 020

Studio location

17 Waller Road
S6 5DP

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