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Sarah Grace Dye

Artist, curator, collector, educator, traveller and teller of stories.
I document the world around me through drawing and creating artist’s books.

I collect objects and ephemera along with a plethora of related stories some true some imagined narrative. My practice is about documenting, recording, collecting and sharing these stories through drawing and creating artist’s books. I love a process especially if that process has some element of surprise in the outcome. I am a lover of ritual particularly when it comes to drinking tea. Through the process and practice of playing I explore these objects and their associated memories. Experimentation is a vital part of the process and mark making in its broadest sense provides the tool to search and discover ways to document, catalogue and interact with these objects unfolding layers of narrative. I predominantly work with paper, collage, ink, watercolour and cyanotype but often have a little meander into something else when a project requires it. I travel often to collect ‘stuff’ and feed my ever hungry creative soul.

Studio visits

I am not able to open my studio for visits this year.

About my studio

Although my studio will not be open to the public, please contact me with commissions and tuition enquiries.

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Studio location

38 Bank Street
S1 2DS

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