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Stephen Smith

Using clay to create figures of people, animals, or dreams

I use earthenware clay to create figures that represent a range of people, or sometimes animals, or sometimes people from my imagination. Occasionally I work with models, but when that is not possible I use photographs. If no images are available, I conjure ideas from my head. Once the clay has been hardened, it is bisque fired; before being finally glazed in a kiln. Sometimes I might use aluminium wire as a support for long narrow pieces of clay, but in this case no kiln work is possible, so the figures are much more delicate. So far my maximum height for one piece has been around 35 centimetres, but I hope eventually to go to twice that size.

Studio visits

My studio will be open to visitors on the following days:

  • Saturday April 30th
  • Saturday May 7th

About my studio

I will be available for 2 full days to meet people, and to discuss how I made my pieces.

Contact me

t: 01246 569 031
m: 07802 371 938

Studio location

12 Fitzalan Square
Sheffield S1 2AZ

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