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Stephen Smith

I am intrigued by trying to capture the essence of the world around me; this can be facial expression, gestures, or movements.

Working in clay, acrylics, watercolours and charcoal, and sometimes in wire covered in Plaster of Paris, I try to reproduce certain aspects of movement. I am a regular visitor to art galleries, and tend to walk hurriedly from one exhibited item to another. And then suddenly my eyes alight on a figure or a face that excites me. It may be a small sculpture by Degas, or perhaps a simple looking figure by Giacometti. Regular attempts have taught me that often even sculptures which appear uncomplicated can be very hard to copy: I have to assume that only lots of effort will lead to satisfactory results . I would like to scale up to life size figures, but for the moment at least, they have to remain dreams for the future.

Studio visits

My studio will not be open to visitors, but you can contact me with enquiries about my work.

Contact me

t: 01246 569 031
m: 07802 371 938

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