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Uura Niemi-Junkola

My work is mainly semi-abstract using watercolours, acrylics and pastels. My work is characterised by colour, light and form.

I am an intuitive artist who uses the painting process itself as the main inspiration, hence the outcome is often unintended. Using a variety of mediums; acrylics, watercolour, ink, charcoal etc., I like to use a lot of water during the painting process as it creates an unpredictable element to the paintings. My work is characterised by lines, light forms and colour. Of course, like many artists, I draw added inspiration from nature, situations, dreams and imagination.

Studio visits

My studio will be open to visitors on the following days:

  • Saturday April 30th
  • Sunday May 1st
  • Monday May 2nd
  • Saturday May 7th
  • Sunday May 8th

About my studio

My studio is in my house but the event will be in the garden with a marquee gazebo. I am planning on doing watercolour demonstrations.

  • My studio has disabled access
  • Visitors will be able to buy my art

Contact me

m: 07414 065 130
t: 01143 276 277
w: uura-art.com
e: uniemijunkola@gmail.com

Studio address

20 Moffatt Road
S2 3GP

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