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Bryan Munsey

Inspired by the patterns in reclaimed South Yorkshire timber, I turn creative pieces which are beautiful to display and show my love of the medium.

I have been wood-turning for over 30 years and it has been my full time hobby for the last 12. All my wood is from South Yorkshire. I turn bowls, platters and vases making maximum use of the natural features in the timber such as bark inclusions and holes. This gives rise to pieces where the beauty of the item is enhanced by the imperfections and not by the use of decoration or staining. The shape of each piece is determined by the nature of the log I start with.All the wood I use is from trees that have been felled due to damage or being unsafe. The value of trees to the environment is very important to me and I like to make maximum use of each piece of timber.

Favourite woods include Laburnum, cherry, Yew, any Burr and wood that is spalted.

Open days

  • Saturday 5th May
  • Sunday 6th May
  • Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday)
  • Saturday 12th May
  • Sunday 13th May

Studio location

The Lion Works
40 Ball Street
S3 8DB

About this studio

A wide selection of work will be on show. I will be able to discuss the techniques using photographs.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my art
  • I welcome commissions

Contact me as follows:

t: 01142 334 758