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Christine Rodger

2018 sees me focusing on “small worlds” models. They are three dimensional, incorporating related artefacts and ideas, developed in mixed media from my sketchbooks…

I have so many sketchbooks, remembered travel experiences, accumulated over years of teaching art and design and sailing, that it makes sense to focus again on this rich source of ideas. An unpicking of threads not nostalgia. I have always enjoyed working with mixed media, and my developing work named “small worlds” fulfils this need perfectly. The wall or table models on wooden bases are carefully crafted,sealed, portable and affordable. how or where they are displayed provides different viewpoints and colour changes. This is similar to my method of drawing on the move. The models are three dimensional with related artefacts and ideas developed from my sketchbook studies. 2016 featured “spirit models”; 2017 launched ” small finds” based on archaeology. Now in 2018 I am working on ” Small worlds”. Models which take me from South Yorkshire as far as Alaska and Japan.A mixed media challenge and great fun.

Open days

  • Saturday 5th May
  • Sunday 6th May
  • Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday)
  • Saturday 12th May
  • Sunday 13th May

Studio location

32 Townhead Road
Sheffield S17 3GA

About this studio

The ground floor house studio will display my latest models with related sketchbooks, working setup, some cards and acrylics.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work

Contact me as follows:

t: 01142 620 309
m: 07738 083 510