Anne Smithies

Pivotal. Material. Matter. Textiles. Mixed Media. A curious range of tactile, frivolous, useful, colourful, cheery art.

My mind and art are like a butterfly flitting across media, transferring traces of thoughts, feelings or style in a desire to capture and crystallise an exact moment, in tactile form, that is full of matter, movement and colour.

Current curiosity (a knack for seeing unique angles) means exploring pivotal moments where material and matter intersect; cause and effect inspires art through my discoveries; perception of transitory moments; shafts of light and clarity; as well as the multiple choices and reactions to minutiae of life.

Continual development and knowledge gathering allows me to track my discoveries while giving me opportunities to work collaboratively with other artists for local, national and personal projects.

Open days

  • Saturday 4th May
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)

About my studio

Explore, at your own pace, my large, light, airy, welcoming studio and work stations.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
  • Workshops and tuition are available

Contact me

Studio location

Replicast Art Studio
5 East Bank Road
Sheffield S2 3PT

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