Bryan Munsey

Cutting into a new piece of timber and exploring the best shape to maximize the effect of the grain is always exciting….

For many years I have enjoyed the challenge of converting reclaimed timber into objects which are beautiful to display. My preference is always to start with a section of a log with the bark still attached. Cutting into new timber is always exciting as I never know what the grain will be like. Choosing a shape to best display the grain is the next challenge. Once I have settled on a shape the finished item becomes a picture in my mind and I work to complete the project. I use only timber sourced from trees that have to be felled for safety reasons or that have fallen naturally. I believe that the items I produce give a second life to this timber.

Open days

  • Saturday 4th May
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)
  • Saturday 11th May
  • Sunday 12th May

About my studio

There will be a full display of my work and I will be able to explain how items are made.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!

Contact me

t: 01142 334 758

Studio location

Lion Works
Ball Street
Sheffield S3 8DB

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