Clare Hill

Taking inspiration from nature and my beloved North Yorkshire I paint on canvas and heavy duty paper using lots of vibrant colour and texture.

My background is in Civil Engineering but now I let loose my creativity on canvas and heavy duty paper using mainly acrylics. However, I love texture as much as colour so I often incorporate collage into my paintings.This is usually something I’ve collected that has particular relevance to my painting. I take lots of photos on holiday and these form my reference material for my artwork. I will collect local newspapers,shells,receipts,menus etc which will all find their way into the finished piece. they may not be instantly visible but I know that they are there!

Recently I have been influenced by David Tress and Kurt Jackson and now I find that my landscapes have many layers and therefore a depth. All of them are deeply personal.

I paint alongside the other ladies in This Painting Malarkey who provide support and encouragement and much entertainment!

Open days

  • Saturday 2nd May
  • Sunday 3rd May
  • Friday 8th May Bank Holiday
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Sunday 10th May

About my studio

People will be able to see lots of new work and see how I have developed and (hopefully) grown.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my¬†work
  • This artists undertakes commissions

Contact me

t: 01142 818 372
m: 07975 866 308

Studio location

78 Kingfield Road
Nether Edge
Sheffield S11 9AU

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