Lynne Chapman

I create chalk drawings and fine-art textiles, some of which is sculptural. Larger work is mostly abstracted, but representational sketches and illustrations will be available.

I’ve been an illustrator all my life, with over 30 published picture books, and I currently earn my living from reportage-sketching. However, alongside this, I’ve always drawn for myself, drawings which have become increasingly abstracted, though some are recognisably landscapes. I love the immediacy and mark-making of drawing with chalk.

In recent years, this love of mark-making has flowed into textiles. My new work is always materials-led, built up in layers of drawing, hand-stitch, wool and sheer fabrics. Pieces are largely unplanned, driven forward in response to the possibilities of specific media.

Recently, my textiles have become sculptural. I’m exploring different ways of creating forms, combining stitch with other, unexpected materials. Environmental concerns led me to incorporate waste carrier bags and packaging into the work. These are not easy materials to stitch, but I enjoy the challenge and the playfulness involved in creating unexpectedly beautiful outcomes from over-familiar, ugly materials.

Open days

  • Friday 8th May Bank Holiday
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Sunday 10th May

About my studio

Two artists in a house. I’ll give a studio tour, including my 100 sketchbooks, children’s book illustrations and reportage work.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work

Contact me

Studio location

3 Ryle Road
Nether Edge
Sheffield S7 1HT

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