Maggie Robinson

‘The music of the landscape’ – bold, colourful, contemporary landscapes exploring the musical qualities of melody, harmony and rhythm found in our beautiful English countryside.

Maggie’s ‘Music of the landscape’ series is a collection of paintings exploring the musical qualities of melody harmony and rhythm found in our beautiful English countryside. Each work has a musical title and an opus number and she has now produced around 400 paintings, many of which are in homes all around the country. The majority are painted in acrylic, but occasionally she adds mixed media to add some textural interest. The particular features of her work are her confident use of colour and her expressive marks, both of which she has developed to help her portray her passionate love of the outdoors. Her paintings invite the viewer to see and feel her interpretation of the landscape.

Maggie is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA), she exhibits regularly with the Royal Society of British Artists and the Society of Women Artists in the Mall Galleries London.

Open days

  • Friday 8th May Bank Holiday
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Sunday 10th May

About my studio

My ‘Music of the landscape’ paintings, prints, cards and gifts will all be exhibited throughout the ground floor.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my¬†work

Contact me

Studio location

28 Crofton Avenue
S6 1WF

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