Peng Wui Ching

Ceramic forms inspired by nature, driven by emotional expression and personal reflection.
My hand-built clay work is part of self-healing escape and personal journey.

I am a British-born HK-Chinese woman. I have followed a traditional path of dutiful subservience in family roles and work in medicine. I am at a point in my life where I am breaking out and exploring my capacity for personal creativity. I have experimented with various media including life studies through drawing , painting and print-making. I have found my niche with clay. I feel grounded when moulding it, as a substance drawn directly from the earth. Through hand-building coil pots, I feel connected to our primitive ancestors. I allow emotion to determine the form as it evolves on the table. I feel inspired by the purity of the unglazed form, which is unfinished but complete. The satisfaction of the form drives me to repeat the process. I also like the playful expressions of self in other ceramic objects.

Open days

  • Saturday 2nd May
  • Sunday 3rd May

About my studio

Ceramics on display (in the oasis of my living room). I can demonstrate the coiling process.

  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!

Contact me

t: 01142 363 087
m: 07720 430 672

Studio location

6 Bushey Wood Road
S17 3QB

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