Trudy Weir

Slab-built stoneware ceramic vessels with unique surfaces created by laminating clay bodies and slips together and then stretching them.

For some time now, I have been mistreating clay by making different stoneware bodies work together. The main focus of my work is the clay surface. My work is slab built. I start by laminating the different clay bodies together into a thick slab which is then painted with coloured slip. This slab is then blasted with a heat gun which means the top of the slab is dried out and then when rolled into a thinner slab it can’t stretch as far as the underlying clay so the surface cracks thereby creating the pattern. The work is then constructed from the patterned slab. I only use glaze on the inside of the piece because I don’t want to lose the surface I have worked hard to achieve.

Open days

  • Saturday 4th May
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)

About my studio

My studio is in a luxury shed at the bottom of my garden where visitors will be able to see my work in production.

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work

Contact me

Studio location

29 Canterbury Crescent
Sheffield S10 3RW

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