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Terms and Conditions of Artist Participation

As a Participating Artist, you are expected to:

  • Present work which is your own, which should be original work not a copy, and a reasonable proportion of which should be new work i.e. made in the last 12 months
  • Focus on showing your working/making methods and techniques (exhibiting and selling your work must be in this context) and be prepared to discuss these
  • Use your own mailing lists and social media to promote yourself and the event

If you are opening your studio to visitors:

  • You are responsible for ensuring that you and your visitors follow the current government guidelines in regard to Covid-19
  • Be directly responsible for booking any appointments with visitors
  • All participating artists to be present in your venue for the entire time it is open (you may find it beneficial to have someone with you to help, but that person should not replace you)
  • Present your studio in a way that is welcoming, accessible and safe for visitors
  • Consider and facilitate access for disabled visitors as far as possible
  • Inform us immediately of any change in circumstances (or inform us as soon as possible of any emergencies) which may affect your ability to participate
  • You must provide your own Public Liability Insurance (Please note that Open Up Sheffield does NOT provide insurance to cover your studio)

By participating in Open Up Sheffield, you give permission for the images and information you supply to be used on the website, in print and for promotional purposes.

Photo / video permission

We are required to inform visitors that photography & video may be taking place during their visit to studios. Please download and display the permissions notice from this link while open to the public

Participating Artists who fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions may be excluded from future Open Up Sheffield events.

Our provision to Participating Artists

Applications to participate are accepted at the discretion of the Open Up committee. If your application is accepted, Open Up Sheffield will:

  • Update our website to promote the event as a whole, including full details of each Participating Artist
  • Event promotion via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Promote the event through the local press
  • NOT take any commission on sales of your work
  • NOT be liable for any accidents, loss or damage to your work or property
  • Reserve the right to decline an application
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